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Vibratec Asia Pacific, is a leading French originated consultancy group, known for its expertise in the field of vibration, acoustics and structural dynamics and is represented in Sabah by Seatech Engineering Maintenance Sdn Bhd, concentrating primarily on the Vibration Analysis of rotary machinery.


We have conducted vibration analysis and predictive maintenance business in Sabah. 


Together, Vibratec and Seatech Engineering Maintenance Sdn Bhd can offer services in support of various industries including: 

Oil & Gas, Automotive, Defence, Aerospace, Railway, Power Generation

Maritime, Marine and Dockside,  Pulp & Paper and Sawmills, Manufacturing and Food Processing, Refineries and Production Plants, Mining and Cement.

Vibratec, noise vibration analysis


Vibration analysis is the process of assessing equipment/piping condition and structural integrity either through experimentally i.e. diagnosis of faults in equipment/piping/stuctures through the measurement exercise or through computational simulation. Target areas in an oil and gas environment could be from equipment found onsite, such as turbines, pumps, motors, gearboxes, fans and piping systems to offshore/onshore/FPSO/FSO structures.


Our Capabilites include :

  • Equipment/Piping Smart Monitoring System

  • Vibration Fault Troubleshooting

  • Commissioning & Acceptance Testing

  • Predictive Maintenance Program Set-Up

  • Training

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